It’s a bright morning in August and Miss Maple flies home.  She has been traveling all summer, looking for seeds lost during the Spring planting.  She collects them, planning to groom and nurture them in her tall maple tree.  She plans to get them ready for next season’s planting.

There are many different types – poppy, water lily, apple, pea, corn, maple of course, several others.  Miss Maple is very loving towards these seeds.  “She learns each seed by heart, all similar yet none the same.”

Like a loving parent, or teacher, she takes them around and teaches them life lessons.  They visit and discuss different habitats – soft and muddy soils, grassy fields and thick forests, bustling gardens.  She tells them what it takes to survive in each place, “In bustling gardens, seeds must take care to stay clear of weedy characters.”  She teaches then about the seasons, not to be scared of thunderstorms, not to be afraid but rather to find joy and thrive in each situation.

I like how crucial life lessons are taught in a very child-friendly and loving way.  I love the cozy setting and family-like atmosphere.  I love the idea of finding “lost” seeds, nurturing them, and getting them ready for the “next planting season.”  It is about coming of age.  It is lovely story about being helpless and lost, growing up under a loving environment, and then being ready to tackle the future independently.

All good things some to an end.   In the early Spring, Miss Maple lets her seeds go.  They are ready and equipped to tackle the world, and to survive.  They feel loved and confident and look forward to the future.  She leaves them with a last piece of advice, “Take care my little ones, for the world is big and you are small.  But never forget…even the grandest of trees once had to grow up from the smallest of seeds.”

I feel emotional whenever I read this book with my kids, just because the words are so true, and so valid in real life.  Click here if you’d like to buy a copy.   This is great book to add to your family collection.

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About the author:  Eliza Wheeler is an author-illustrator and reportedly lives in Los Angeles, California.  Born on December 21, 1982 (do I hear a wow!), she has also illustrated several other books including Doll bones by Holly Black.