Now here’s a lovely book that uses an elementary school setting and fun animals to teach an important lesson!

Llama attends school with his friends – Kitty, Rhino, Sheep, Calf, Nelly, Gilroy, and Giraffe. They have circle time, they sing and clap, they make their very own special noises….

“Moo and bellow, baa and bray.”

Gilroy decides to act bad, he says a “not nice name,” and teacher responds, “Calling names is not ok.  Being mean is not allowed.”

Well, you would think that a word is enough for the wise, but not for Gilroy.  At the playground, he throws dirt at Nelly, pushes Fuzzy, kicks and stomps on Llama’s coat!


In our world where bullying at school and in cyberspace are very problematic, this book is very relevant.  I love the setting and style. I like that the teacher addresses either party.  The victims are thought how to handle bullying – “walk away and tell someone.”  The perpetrator gets a long-time out, and then gets a chance to change his ways. The rhymes make the book fun to read too!

It’s a happy ending. Mama comes for pick up at the end of the day and friends wave goodbye.

Great book to add to your family collection!  Click here if you’d like to buy a copy and happy reading!

About the author:

Anna Dewdney authored the hugely popular series of “Llama llama” books that continue to amuse and teach little children important lessons.  Born on Dec 25, 1965, she died on September 3, 2016, sadly, from brain cancer.  Here is her obituary in the New York Times.