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Welcome to my blog! I am Uchenna Erica Okagbue Njiaju, and known in professional circles as Uche (oochey) Njiaju (jahjuh), MD, FACP. Ericaoncmd is a combination of Erica, onc (short for oncology) and MD. I am a Nigerian-American Hematologist and Medical Oncologist, and a Fellow in the American College of Physicians. Although broadly trained and practicing in both areas, I have had a dominant breast cancer focus in my clinical work since 2009.  Click here for my professional profile.

Going through internship and residency, I was most inspired by cancer and blood specialists around me.  I saw them follow patients over years, and found it very rewarding to find individuals going ahead with productive lives even with a cancer diagnosis.  I have a family history too, having lost a grandfather to prostate cancer in 1986.  My patients inspire me every day and I have developed an interest in writing for the general public, to demystify cancer.  Although I write to enlighten people already diagnosed with cancer, I also have interest in making sure the general public understands more about what leads to cancer, how it can be prevented, and ways to diagnose it early if it does develop.

Please note that the medical information I share is meant to be a general guide, not a substitute for medical advice from your physician. My writing is not meant to serve as a ‘second or third or other opinion.’  Any communication or writing here is not intended to establish a physician-patient relationship. The exact approach in treating a medical condition, including cancer, in any particular individual, depends on many variables so please be sure to discuss your thoughts and questions with your physician.  Material published on this site or elsewhere by Erica OncMD, reflects my views and those of the individual authors.  My views are mine alone, and are not affiliated with my employer.

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I am a wife, and mother to some really adorable young children.  Like other working parents, I juggle a very rewarding career, at the same time as raising my lovely children, spending time with my husband, and running my home.  Like others, I have my daily struggles, challenges, and successes.  Occasionally, I will write about aspects of parenting, particularly as a working parent.  It might be a thought to provoke discussion, or even a synopsis of a children’s book.  That brings me to my other passion – books!  I have always loved reading and will keep a running list of books I highly recommend.  I might occasionally write a brief account of a recently read book.

I will gladly consider guest contributors writing about any of the above.  It might be a person wanting to share their cancer journey, a working parent, or another book lover like me!  I’d like to hear from you so please get in touch.  Feel free to review my blog, and share among your friends.  Click on the the social media icons to follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

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